Enphase Energy to Showcase New Product Innovations at ‘Intersolar Europe’

FREMONT, Calif., June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH), a global energy technology company and the world's leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, today announced that it will showcase a variety of its new products for the European market at The smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe) in Munich, Germany on June 19-21, 2024. Enphase will be unveiling a range of innovative products tailored for the European market at the event. Highlights include:

  • IQ® Battery 5P with FlexPhase. Our most powerful battery yet, it is available in 5 kWh increments and easily configurable for both single-phase and three-phase applications. The battery can deliver 3.84 kW continuous power in single-phase and 1.28 kW per phase in three-phase configuration. The battery can discharge up to 2X maximum continuous power for three seconds, enabling operation of high-power devices during an outage. Configurations can scale up to 60 kWh of capacity.
  • IQ® System Controller 3. Bringing Enphase’s battery backup capability to Europe, the controller isolates the home from the grid during outages, allowing seamless power supply from Enphase solar and IQ Battery 5P systems.
  • IQ8X™ Microinverters. Designed for higher-powered solar panels up to 560 W DC, these microinverters feature a peak output AC power of 384 W. With a maximum input voltage of 79.5 V, IQ8X Microinverters support solar panels with higher output DC voltage and cell counts, such as 96-cells and 88 or 80 half-cut cells.
  • IQ8P™ Microinverters. Capable of handling DC current of 14 amperes with a peak output AC power of 480 W, these microinverters are ideal for pairing with high-powered solar panels up to 670 W DC, matching the latest residential and commercial solar panel formats.
  • IQ® Energy Management. This home energy management software is designed to support dynamic electricity rate structures which are now common in European countries like the Netherlands and Germany. By utilizing an AI-based algorithm, the software helps homeowners maximize their ROI and reduce the payback period for solar and battery systems.
  • Solargraf® software platform. This software enables solar installers to create comprehensive system designs and proposals that incorporate solar and batteries for both residential and commercial customers.
  • IQ® EV Chargers. Smart chargers that integrate with Enphase solar and batteries, allowing homeowners to optimize electricity costs by charging from excess solar energy. Features include fine-grained current control, MID meter, ISO 15118, Access Control, Wi-Fi and cell modem co-existence, and dynamic switching between three-phase and single-phase charging.
  • IQ® Balcony Solar Kit. A simple and efficient solution for harnessing solar energy from panels installed on apartment balconies. This kit accommodates up to seven IQ8HC™ Microinverters and panels, seamlessly integrating solar energy into residences via a wall socket. It also provides solar power to electric loads through a built-in auxiliary outlet, maintaining functionality even during daylight outages.

“Europe continues to set the pace in renewable energy deployment, and the Intersolar Europe conference is the ideal platform to demonstrate how Enphase products contribute to this momentum,” said Sabbas Daniel, senior vice president of sales at Enphase Energy. “We eagerly anticipate engaging with our customers at the conference and showcasing our cutting-edge home energy management solutions that drive a sustainable future.”

The showcased products and solutions are expected to be available in select European countries in the second half of 2024. Enphase will be present at the EM-Power-Europe exhibition during the Intersolar Europe conference. Visit us in Hall B5, booth B5.410, on June 19-21, 2024. For more information about Enphase Energy, please visit our website.

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